"Cyber Gangs" is the first in a series of short stories written by Dirk Lemmons.
The concept for the e-book series sprang from Dirk's online work creating
Gang Intervention web sites. (Gang-Intervention.org) In the process of developing the gang intervention sites, Dirk found himself writing short
stories to hold the interest of his visitors to the sites.

It wasn't long and the first two short stories "Hackers Canyon" and
"Cyber Gangs" were written. Now an exciting online series weaves
new and original characters throughout. Dirk coined the word "OIG" which
means "Original Internet Gangster in his third book "OIG". Each e-book
can only be found online by surfing through Hackers Canyon in search of
new stories.



                           Original Internet Gangster
                                                       By Dirk Lemmons

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